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WDNR is growing and changing!

Posted: February 20, 2013 by wdnr895 in Uncategorized

Be apart of this WDNR! We are recruiting any new members interested in radio or music or sports! You do not need to have prior experience just be interested and ready to learn a lot about radio! I started at WDNR as just an eboard member and I learned so much about radio and how University. I now am a Junior and have become one of the General Managers, it’s been a lot of fun and some hard work! But i’m am driven and ready to take on this station and make it the biggest it can be and the best it can be! I need your help to do so! Listen to us! All week we have shows by students and staff of all different music genres as well as live sports broadcasts of Widener’s sports! This is a great station and a great place to learn and have fun! Join! You won’t regret it. XOXO your general manager, Nicole Newby!

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This is your radio station!    Feel free to drop us a line or leave some suggestions in a post here.    You can talk about your favorite band, upcoming concerts, best shows on WDNR, and suggestions. . .

Just keep it positive and in good taste. . .We want you to feel like is indeed, your radio home. . .